Ages 7-12 : All Classes are 10 am to Noon


June 21-25 Calling Young Artists

Charcoal, chalk, markers, watercolors, pencils, spend time with a local Artist learning to draw faces, landscapes, and animals like a pro.

June 28-July 2 Project “Fun-way”

For the up and coming fashion designers or just any creative kid. Come and Create amazing outfits and crazy costumes out of everyday items. Students will learn about designing planning and decorating their costumes an will display their fashions on the catwalk.

July 5-July 9 Culinary Kim Say’s “What’s Cooking?”

Come and learn the basics of cooking, In these classes, we encourage “all by myself” preparation, in that we focus on recipes that are simple and sensible. We will stress kitchen safety, discuss eating habits with an assumption that we cook to eat healthy.

July 12-16 Water Color Work-Shop

Young Artist will learn new and fun techniques for working with water color making beautiful projects that display their abilities

July 19-July 23 Art & Nature

Students will collect natural materials to make Unique sculptures designs and other artwork. Students will spend time exploring the natural World and appreciating beauty in all its forms.

July 26-July 30 Techno-Adventure

Students will learn basic computer terminology, key-boarding skills. Come and explore applications for word processing, presentations, & picture sharing.

August 2 -Aug 6 Math Refresher

School is soon in the math refresher course Students will be going over addition, subtraction, multiplication and division